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Hi, I’m Arnas and I’m a Behavior Change Specialist. My clients call me a few different things: a guide, a life coach, a success coach, a private coach, a performance coach, a change specialist. 

The point is, I help people create the lives they want to live and become the people they want to be.

So then if you’re on this page there are likely some questions you’re asking, like:

Do I really NEED a life coach?

It depends how you define “need”. If you define “need” as a requirement for basic human survival, like food or water, then NO, you don’t need a life coach. However, if you feel a need to THRIVE in distinct areas of your life, then a GOOD life coach could help you achieve that quicker, more efficiently, and with much less frustration than you would on your own.

A GOOD life coach is “Team You” all the way. That means they put YOUR needs first. That means they serve as an objective yet caring third party, as a confidential adviser, and as a sounding board for ideas. 

Just as important (and depending on the stage that you’re at), a good life coach will help you define your vision based on your INDIVIDUAL deeply held values. They will help you create, and commit to, meaningful goals. They will help you create a strategy and take action. They will help you keep your efforts directed and focused and provide you with useful feedback. They will help you do all this so you can ACHIEVE your vision and CREATE the life you desire.

Many well-known, successful, people have utilized the help of a life coach to reach or supercharge their success, including Bill Gates, Oprah, Serena Williams, and Chuck Lidell.

Get this: 

Bryan Cranston, when he was struggling with getting acting parts, went to a life coach, who helped him change the way he approached acting auditions. As he embraced the new approach, he started getting more and more sought-after roles, including the father in Malcolm in the Middle, and the main protagonist in Breaking Bad.

Von Miller, the football player, was “forced” to hire a life coach by his agents after he got suspended from the Broncos after getting in trouble with the league and with the law. Von Miller had regular sessions with the life coach for one year. As a result, his run-ins with the law ended, and he went on to become Super Bowl Champion and MVP.

Is Arnas the right coach for me?

This is going to come down to wants, needs, fit and personality. The only way to know if I’m the right coach for you is to jump on a consultation with me, and with a couple other coaches as well. At the end of the day it comes down to finding a coach that will listen, that will give you actionable guidance, that has the relevant experience, and that’s personable and you feel comfortable talking to.

I focus on helping you create a compelling vision for your life, helping you set goals that you’re actually motivated by, helping you overcome doubts and setbacks, and ultimately helping you CREATE the life that you want to live no matter where you’re at right now.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that my goal is to help you become the hero of your own life. My site is called Unlock The Hero for a reason. I have helped people become the heroes of their own lives; people they’re PROUD to look at in the mirror, people they’re happy TO BE, with lives that make them happy and fulfilled. I can help YOU become the hero of your own life too.

But what, SPECIFICALLY, can you help me with, Arnas?

It depends on your specific needs and the stage in the process of change that you’re at, but I can help you to:

Clarify your wants and needs

Develop a compelling, exciting vision for the life you want to live

Create an ambitious yet pragmatic strategy for making your vision a reality

Set milestones and goals

Take action

Overcome doubts, fears and limiting beliefs

In addition, I can help you stay motivated, stay focused, hold you accountable, help you objectively analyze what’s working and not working and adjust accordingly, and I can provide support and encouragement along the way.

Why would I pick you over the other coaches out there?

Like I said, do your homework, and get a consultation with me, and a few other people. I’m not here to hard-sell you. Here’s what I can tell you about me and my services though:

I have over a decade of experience helping people achieve their goals from personal training to health coaching to life coaching.

I love human psychology and figuring out the formulas that make people motivated, excited, fulfilled, happy, and “successful”.

I know that success can mean many different things for many different people. It may mean a promotion, a big office, and a large salary for one person. For another person it may mean having a loving, caring, kind, sexual, supportive relationship with the person of their dreams. For another person it may mean traveling the world on a boat exploring different islands, and surfing the biggest waves. For many people it’s a combination of meaningful fair-paid work; fulfilling, supportive and enjoyable relationships; and enjoyable, inspiring free-time activities. We will work together to figure out what success means for you and get you there!

Constant self-improvement, exploration, and learning is a way of life for me. As such, everything useful I learn is twice as impactful because I can use it in my life, and my clients can use it as well.

This may sound grandiose but it’s true: My purpose is to help people unlock their true potential.

I utilize the latest research on human well-being, psychology, mindset, and motivation.

I’m certified in Health Coaching, Personal Training, and Behavior Change. 

But really, the best way to figure out if we are a good fit, is to jump on a complimentary consultation session.

This 20 minutes could be your first step to a better life!